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Stretch film is used as an elastic packaging material for fixing and packaging goods on pallets. It is a simple, cheap and universal way of packing goods. The fixing stretch film protects the goods from dirt, moisture and adverse climatic conditions. When working with the film, properties such as elongation and thermostatic adhesion are used, which enables fast and firm packaging of the goods. These properties are desirable for packaging material. The current trend is to use a thinner film (commonly referred to as low-density stretch film), which reduces packaging costs and the amount of waste produced. The production program of the stretch film of the ROAD SK company is divided in terms of the use of the film into manual packaging and machine packaging. We produce mostly transparent, but also black and white packaging films in various thicknesses and widths. The packaging film is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

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Stretch film

Hand stretch film made of three-layer LLDPE (linear low-density polyethene) material is used for manual packaging of pallets, boxes, cardboard and other types of products. We produce films with an elongation of 150 % or more. We have engaged in the production of prestressed as well as hand films with low thickness, the so-called superstretch.

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Pallet mesh, like stretch packaging film, is used to secure goods to a pallet during transport or storage. However, the packaging mesh does not prevent the goods from being ventilated. This is very important for goods containing water (wood, fruit, vegetables, etc.) to prevent steaming, water precipitation, rot or soaking and degrading the packaged material. The goods on the pallet are still clearly visible when wrapped in pallet mesh in several layers and it is thus possible to easily and at any time verify the type, quantity and quality of the transported goods, which is a significant advantage in the handling of agricultural products. The pallet mesh is made of 100 % HDPE, in a clear (colourless) design and is thus a completely recyclable material.

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